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About the Institute

The Institute for Economic Policy at the University of Cologne (iwp) is an independent non-profit research institute. We analyze current problems of economy policy and compile solutions. We consider ourselves to be a think tank closely related to the university context with the ability to use current scientific insights to create policy recommendations. Our goal is to translate scientific results and to show possible solutions, which are able to solve the societal challenges of our time. The practical implications of our research and policy recommendations are of the highest importance to the employees of the iwp.

The iwp wants to contribute to solution oriented research and to give policy advice to decision makers as well as the interested public. Research on economic policy should primarily be in the spirit of service to society. Therefore the dialogue with the general public and the contribution to the public debate are of the upmost importance and guides the self-conception of the iwp apart from research and policy advice.

Especially in times of decreasing approval for the social market economy within the population, the iwp considers it to be an important task to uphold its basic principles. Compared with the theoretical ideal, the everyday policy in a market society is unsatisfactory. Nevertheless there are no better alternatives to the social market economy. Its idea is bases on guaranteeing a high degree of liberty and individual responsibility for its citizens as well as protection against the dangers of destructive competition and economic power. At the same time the system of minimum income support those citizens, which are unable to earn an income necessary for a dignified life, and supports participation in social life. The implementation and support for the idea of the social market economy must be continuously developed on a daily basis.